About Q-Link

The Q-Link is the ideal solution for lifting your 3 Point Linkage equipment on the front of your loading shovel or teleporter. Fully designed and manufactured by JM Agri Design, this product can be used for quickly moving equipment around the yard, implement maintenance & repairs, and used to operate 3PT linkage equipment such as post drivers etc.

The Q-link comes as
standard with the following:

  • CAT2 or CAT 3 lower link arms
  • Adjustable top link
  • Adjustable lower link arms to accommodate any width of implement.
  • Q-Link quick connect kit
  • Foldable towing clevis

Q-Link quick connect

The Q-link connect turns the 3 point headstock into a hook lifter which allows for rapid pick & drop of implements via a fixed top hook. The top hook is simply pinned to the top link mount and it is this that now does the lifting when the quick connect system is used. Two lower arm pads are then pinned to the lower link hooks. Both the top hook and lower link pads are stored away neatly on the implement when not in use. tc.

Foldable towing clevis

The Q-link foldable towing clevis allows trailed equipment to be easily picked up and moved. This clevis is simply folded away when not in use.

Exceptional Bale Handling Capacity