Easy Loading/Unloading

The slim design of the over-arm allows the TR bale handler to easily slide in-between bales. This same design feature allows TR to move stacked settled bales for resale, without compromising the plastic wrap.

Independent Arm Control

The TR-8 includes an In-Cab Control Box allowing each arm to be operated independently or operated in tandem. Such flexibility results in exceptional handling capacity in both loading and unloading.

TR-8 Technical Specifications

Length (Closed): 1.3 m
Length (Opened): 1.78 m
Width: 2.4 m
Height (Closed): 1.6 m
Height (Opened:) 2.1 m
Weight: 500 kg
Max Bale Length: 1.3 m
Max Bale Height: 1.5 m
Max lifting Weight: 2400 kg
Hydraulic Connection: Double Acting
Oil Pressure (Min): 170 bar
Electrical Requirement: 12v DC, 10 amp fuse
Electrical Connection: 3 pole plug
Loader Lift Capacity: 2500 kg (min)

Exceptional Bale Handling Capacity